I usually like to spend some time with nature where I can know myself better. I always try to free some time from a busy schedule and spend some time watching the sunset or sometimes at midnight feeling the cold breeze under the open sky watching twinkling stars.

 Every day I go to my favorite place from where I always love to watch the sunset but many people were not aware of this place so this place was not so busy so I like this place much more. 

I was going late today but however, I tried to except a little bit earlier but I was late then time I decided to go there. But as I reach it was pleasant that I have forgotten about everything as I enter  there cold air was touching my body (during the entire day I hadn't feel such smoothing breeze in these hot days. I don't know how this place be cool in this boiling days.)

I tried to locate some empty bench and sit there but today I was unable to see people as I was alone there. But it didn't bother me as I relaxed while feeling every single moment there. As I close my eyes the gentle touch of a cool breeze on my face was making me comfortable as children are comfortable in his mother's lap. Within no time heard the sound of the bicycle falling down and I open my eyes instantly to watch what was that.

I saw a 12-14 years boy was trying to park his bicycle and also trying to wipe his tears with his hand. After some time he leaves the cycle there on the ground and sits beside the cycle and drops his school bag in front of him. As I saw him some random thoughts came to my mind, as no school in this area leaves their students so late. So from where did, he came and that too in school uniform. Why he is crying? and many more thoughts were going in my mind.

He took a book an pen from his bag and started writing something. I can't control myself and started walking towards him.

 Stood behind him and look at what he was writing.

Dear Life,

        As I entire this beautiful world I lost my parents in no time. when my own relatives leave me in the orphanage I was the reason for their entertainment. Everyone was running away from me as they thought I was responsible for my parent's death. As I grew up everyone in school, in my class thought that whoever will be with me they will get killed. Up to today, I'm always being a lonely no one ever came close to me and loved me, no one ever played with me, no one shares their food with me as they do with everyone in school, no one make me part of many games, in fact, every time they have rejected me from all competitions.

Why everyone hates me? even my teachers hate me because I complain about their mischief and partiality they do with us. Today is my birthday but no one not a single person wished me. What was my mistake why you have not made me like others. why everyone hates me?

after reading this I put my hands on his shoulder he slowly turns his face and saw toward me. As he saw me, he closed his book

 "Happy Birthday," I said

he suspiciously looked at me.

I have read what you wrote in this book.

I would like to say you something,

" God has send us here for some special reasons. Everyone who comes here, has to go back one day when their motive to come in this world is fulfilled. Its our responsibility to find that reason and to fulfill it."

he turned his face and started writing again.

"What is the meaning of birth that makes a person deaf at birth?

  What is the meaning of birth that makes a person struggle at a young age?

  What is the meaning of birth that takes his parents as he was born?

  What is the meaning of birth where everyone tries to curse me? "

It staggers me but I made myself calm and close my eyes and pleasant smile was on my face and I told him

Struggling is not the identity. You must learn to live while you struggle. No matters how much it hurts now. Someday you will look back and realize your struggles changed your life for the better.

 You need not worry about peoples who are talking about you because

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.

so just believe in karma and he will take care of it and 

Kindness makes you the most beautiful people in this world so be kind and just make yourself  such that other learn and be encourage by seeing you.

He stood up and smiled. But this smile was different then smile he gave me when he saw me.

I smiled back too.

We both sit there watching the beautiful sunset while cold air was moving around.

Don't worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright.