college love story

Yesterday, I had a lot of fun at our college reunion party. All my friends came to the party. All credit goes to Swara, as she had organized that party. We all thanked her. Specifically, I thanked her from the bottom of my heart. Because yesterday, I meet him who has a very special place in my life, after twenty years. He was my BFF. Yes, it is weird that he and I were BFFs but still, we met after such a long gap. When I got an invitation from Swara for a reunion, I decided to come by hoping that I would meet him.

Life can only be understood backward!


There was a small story behind this gap. Let me take you back to our memorable college days. We were in our second year of engineering. We were five friends Rakesh, Devashish, Satyam, Rishi and me (Shubham) and interesting thing about us is that we all were singles. No doubt we were in the mechanical department. We had a WhatsApp group too, "SINGLE HAND". The name looks too adult and funny but all singles know the pain behind the name. But don't misunderstand, this name does not mean that. We were like five fingers of the hand and I was a "thumb" of a single hand that means I was the admin of that group. I was thumb because we all came together because of me. Rishi was our group's "ring finger" as he was so naughty and every time he used to talk about girls. Whenever he used to see a beautiful girl he used to think to marry her, that is why we used to call him a ring finger. Height of Rakesh was small so he was our group's "little finger". Devashish was strong and tall always, he used to fight in college so we used to call him the "middle finger" of our group. Last but not least Satyam, we used to call him the "first finger" because he used to be first in every exam. Don't misunderstand, he was not first in college or class, he used to come first in our group. And togetherly we used to call ourselves as a hand. As we all were singles, our group's name was "single hand". And togetherly we used to express every single's pain.


Our bonding was very strong, it was like bonding between real brothers. We were famous in our college, all used to call us "single fingers" and teachers also used to call us "waste fingers". I don't know how they came to know about it.

When you think you are the only one who did not study in class, look at your friends, maybe you'll find out they were too. 


As we all were singles, so we also had a lot of crushes. I had around 21 crushes in our college itself, let us not talk about my celebrity crushes. And others also had more than one crush. But Satyam was different, he had only one crush. Her name was Mrigya. She was also in our class. To be honest she was a crush of mine too but bro code came in between. So I stopped thinking about her and also I never said this to Satyam, because he was very possessive about her. It was a one-sided love. Finally, after gathering we forced him to propose her on valentine's day. But she refused him. After the rejection, he was very sad. One day, I took him with me and we both went to the pub, I thought that he will enjoy and forget about her. But I failed. He became sadder after seeing other couples in the pub. Because of him, I started feeling low too. First time in my life, I was depressed in a pub.


Satyam could not forget her. His behavior was changed, earlier he used to be so talkative but now he was quite. We could not see his sorrow, so we went to Mrigya and we requested her to accept Satyam's proposal. We thought that we could change her mind but we were wrong. Devashish got angry but it was useless. We all lost hope. I think Satyam also had lost hope. After a month, Mrigya came to Satyam and she asked him to be just friends and she started talking to him. I was not surprised but got shocked. But Satyam was happy, that had helped me to come out of shock. Our whole group was celebrating his joy.


One day Mrigya fell from the stairs of her apartment. Her roommate, Disha, took her to the hospital. The doctor said that her left leg got fractured. Disha had informed about Mrigya's accident to her parents. So her parents decided to come to Pune to see Mrigya. News of her accident spread like a wildfire in college. When Satyam came to know about Mrigya's accident, he ran to the hospital. He talked to the doctor and asked about Mrigya's health. Mrigya's parents were about to reach Pune. And till her parents come, Satyam decided to take care of Mrigya. Disha went back to college after admitting her. But it was only Satyam who had scuttled a lot for her. Doctor asked her to take bed rest for 6 weeks. 


Her parents reached Pune at night. After listening to the doctor's suggestion of bed rest, her parents decided to take back Mrigya to Nagpur so that she could take proper rest and recover quickly. She was not willing to go back to Nagpur as the In-sem exam was close. It was just after a week. It was an online MCQ test, conducted by the college for internal marks. So it was an important exam for every student. But she had to go, so she went to Nagpur with her parents. Satyam was also worried about her exams and he decided to meet the director and ask for permission to allow Mrigya, to give an exam from home. The next day, Satyam went to the director to give him insight into Mrigya's condition and how she couldn't give the exam. He asked the director to allow Mrigya to give an exam from her home. Satyam was struggling for her exam. Of course, he was not alone, he took us with him. Director asked Satyam that why was he so eager to take permission for Mrigya. Before Satyam could answer, I told "As a responsible citizen of our nation we have to help each other." 

Director said, "I know, how you are responsible citizens but I can't allow her to give an exam from home instead I will arrange a special exam for her after her recovery." Our director was not ready to allow her. But somehow Satyam convinced him.


His struggle was too appreciable, but when we were inside of the director's cabin, I thought his struggle won't get us permission but be the reason to expel us from the college. Thank god it did not happen. Satyam called Mrigya and told her that the director had allowed her to give an exam from home. She was surprised and asked, "How this miracle happened?" Satyam bragged about how he went alone to ask for permission. We were sitting beside Satyam, and we were listening to him. After listening to him, I was thinking to hit him hard, but later I let it go. After her recovery, Satyam threw a party sponsored by me. I think this incident impressed her a lot and she fell in love with Satyam.

Love is not something you find,

 Love is something that finds you.


Later she, herself proposed Satyam on his birthday. It was like a dream come true for Satyam. He was on the seventh cloud. We were also happy for him. Soon they became an ideal couple of our college.


After five years, when both of them got respective jobs in Pune. Satyam went to Nagpur, at Mrigya's home to meet her parents, and ask for his marriage with Mrigya. But her father refused the proposal and he said "Mrigya's marriage is already fixed with Ajay. He is my sister's son and he is not a struggler like you but a well-settled businessman. He has his own hotel business in Sweden." So they didn't agree with Satyam's marriage proposal. Satyam came back to Pune. He was sunk in a deep ocean of sorrow. After two-three days, Mrigya also came back to Pune to join her job.

But we could not digest their breakup so after a week. It was a memorable love story of the college. I called Mrigya and I asked her to come to meet us at my home. But she said no to meet us. Later I asked Disha to bring her to my home. I called Satyam too. That day we met at home, my parents had gone to attend the marriage of our relatives. So no one was there at home to disturb us. Devashish, Rakesh, Rishi and I had a plan, we asked both of them to run and marry. But Mrigya told me that she can not trait her parents. After saying this she left the place with Disha and asked all of us, never to call her again in life. From that day we never called and met her.


Satyam was broken from the heart. We went to the terrace. In our college days, whenever something used to happen like this, we used to go to the terrace as that was the place where we used to hangout. We all were asking him to forget about her. I told him that love is bullshit. Today you are loving her, tomorrow you will love someone else. And this cycle continues till you die. But he ignored my dialogue and started saying that, "no life without a wife." By repeating these words, he tried to jump from the terrace but we stopped him. Devashish slapped him for his attempt to suicide. We took him to his home. We explained to him that he must live for his parents. We thought that we must leave him alone at least for a month so we decided not to meet him and not to call him too. But we never thought that this decision would be the greatest mistake of our lives because when we went to meet Satyam, after a month, we came to know from his neighbors that he had also quit his job and went to New York with his sister. We asked for his contact number but his neighbors didn't have his number. We lost contact with him. Thus we lost our first finger.

It's crazy to think that someone who had such a huge part in your life can be gone in a second.

But he came for a college reunion. We met our old friend Satyam. We all were very happy to meet him. But we wear angry too. We asked him where the hell he was for a long time. He was very sorry and told us that he went to New York with his sister to help his brother-in-law in his business. He asked to forgive him.


Satyam was also very happy to meet us. He showed us a picture of his wife. Her name was Divya. 

He looked at me and said, "I missed you all". 

A smile happens in a flash, but it's memory can last a lifetime.

Swara came to us, I asked her "How did you get Satyam's number?" She replied, "my sister and Satyam's sister are colleagues." 

Satyam asked her about Mrigya but Swara said, "she is in Sweden."

Later she went to the event manager, maybe to sort some problems.

Rishi asked Satyam, 

"Do you still love Mrigya?" 

He said, "Yes I still love her." 

Then I interrupted their conversation  "if still, you love Mrigya then, why did you marry Divya?"

Satyam replied, "my parents wanted me to go further in my life. So they wanted me to get marry to a girl and settle down. They started searching for a girl for me". 

Then I met Divya, I decided to be honest with her so I told her everything about Mrigya. She was okay with it. 

and she told me "if, I couldn't forget my girlfriend that means I am an emotional person. and you're honest too. that's impressed me a lot"

"Her sweet gesture towards my past won my heart so I decided to marry her",  He told us.

 One thing I have learned that there are other persons do exist who love us and have right on our love, so I think my suicide attempt was a bad idea.


Further, he said, "I love Mrigya not as better half but as a beautiful part of my life." If her parents would not have said no to our marriage then I would not get married to Divya so I am thankful to them too. Trust me, Divya is the best better half in the world.


I interrupted his talk and asked him, 

"If you are saying that Divya is best then how can you say that still, you love Mrigya?"

And he replied, 

"I never spoke anything bad about her. You know other people speak badly about their partner after a breakup. It doesn’t mean that still, I do care for her."

We do care about a person whom we love.
Maybe Mrigya didn't come to the party to make me comfortable, so she does care about me too, that means still she loves me not as better half but as a good part of her life.

His answer won my heart.


He lost the love of his life but still, he has love in his life.


Written By:- Rutvik Lagali