Life Without Friends:

life without friends


Friends are the most valuable part of everyone's life. Every moment becomes memorable when we have a beautiful company.


But how can be life without friends have you ever imagine? 

There are indeed many people out there who have no friends or they have friends but they don’t have friends with whom they share their happiness and friends who be with them in their bad timing. Everyone knows how it feels to be around with friends but have you ever experience your life without friends 


Can we spend life without friends?

No one ever imagines their life without friends and thinking of spending life without friends was never a question for them.


Living a life without friends may sound weird to most of the people who are very much social, extroverts, party freaks, or who spend there most of the time with someone or the one who shares every single detail of his life on social media.


In this world, people only talk to you when they need something or when they have some benefit. Peoples in this world expect something in return I don’t know what something is but they need to look cool, to include themselves that they have a bunch of friends they didn’t confess these things but soon or later you will come to know there real face. In friendship/love, there is no expectation just giving all your efforts, time & love and karma will take care of it. 


There is one fact that says if any friendship survives for more than ten years, it is more likely to survive life long. Very few people you are friend with right now fall under this ten years friendship


In life nothing comes permanently One day, sooner or later most of your friendship has to come to an end. It's not worth making so much of efforts for saving these relationships which are meant to come to an end one day.


Happiness is real when shared and even sadness can be dealt with in a better manner when we have someone to share it with. But not with a person who is with you for there own happiness rather than yours.


people who are self-focused, strong, determined, goal-oriented, or basically who is more practical than emotional they focused on there dream on the goals they want to accomplish their life rather than spending there precious time in securing temporary relationships with temporary humans they stay away from bad company.


 It is better to walk alone than being in the wrong company. 

Where a wrong company can imply anything from being with people who mistreat you, bad influences, or just someone who makes you feel lonely when you're with them.


Rather than being lonely with a bad company, it's better to have a life without friends.

And we can spend it happily.

can a person live a life without friends

Can a person live without friends?

One thing, that you should keep in mind that, you remain alone to deal with problems of your life. No friend will be there to face them with you. So it doesn’t matter that you have them or not. Of course, friends give moral support and build an emotion inside your heart to deal with it. But this moral support you can gain from family too. Friends are an important part of life but it doesn’t mean that you can’t leave life without them. For example, you are failed in your exams, your friends will teach you, motivate you, etc. But at last, it is you who is going to write a paper and give the exam.


Friendship is not mandatory in life but it gives us pleasure when we have someone with whom we can share our sorrow and happiness but it is not mandatory. 


In everyone's life the only friend who can be with you is your own company and after that your family. These two things never come with expectations. So it is better to look at a friend in your own. When you start loving yourself and enjoying your own company then you will realize you don’t need anyone else in your life to deal with such things


When you have your own company and you start enjoying it then there is nothing that makes you happier. And your life will be wonderful when you have a real company rather than a bad one. Your company is one of the purest and real companies many few can have in there life.


Life without a friend is difficult but not impossible. make your heart your BFF. Firstly, you will be bored but after some time you will feel peace and feel best.

Why do some people have no friends?

There are many reasons why some people have no friends and they live there life without friends.


Some of the reason why they don’t have friends:-


  • They are shy to be social
  • They might have the trust issue
  • They might have experienced bad company in their life
  • They are happy with there own company and don't need anyone else in there life
  • They might have negative thoughts of losing the person they love running in their mind.
  • They might have a bigger goal to achieve in life.
  • Their parents might not allow them to make friends, to prevent him/her from a bad company  


How to enjoy life without friends

How to enjoy life without friends?


There are many ways to enjoy your life without friends 

some of the reasons are mention below:-


  • Reading the novel which motivates you and inspires you to achieve your goals.
  • Sitting in the window having a coffee in your hand and feeling the breeze 
  • Exploring the sunset from the terrace of your house 
  • Exploring the beauty of nature
  • Going on a long drive during rain with your favorite playlist and enjoying every drop of rain.
  • Exploring the places you like
  • Giving time to yourself
  • Always trying new things 
  • Going on a solo trip where no one knows you and enjoying your life fully while connecting with new people and exploring their story.
  • If you have an interest in academics then do some good courses, learn something new which you can not learn in school
  • You can also write a diary
  • Daily, do read positive quotes.


But life can be beautiful and memorable when we have memories for a lifetime that make us smile with a thought in our mind and that is possible with friends who care for us with real friends.