No one can beat you until you accept your failure. Society will always try to pull your legs when you are going to win/achieve something. but, if we tangled in there talk then we will never succeed in our life. always do what your heart says and try to believe in yourself. Your own company is more than sufficient to help you to succeed in your plans. There is no harm to share a bad incident with your friends real one will help you to overcome from it while the reel one will ignore you. always try to distinguish between real & reel friends. While your own company will be always your real friend and never leave that. 

We brought you the post that will help you to achieve something in your life and always be motivated.


A big Hiiiiiii to everyone.

Often Social media platforms are meant for staying connected with the people around us. In the 2000 year, it was a big thing to have an Orkut account or even a Gmail Id. But within 20 years, the core purpose of social media has been changed in the long run. The objective of the internet was and still is to have access to information from anywhere from the world. Later, when all social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram were introduced, it was meant to keep people connected & updated with other's life.


But now, let’s talk about reality. Everyone is pretending on these social media platforms.


We live in a society where you have to show that you are happy, despite you aren’t even. Facebook & Instagram platforms never published an advertisement where we were meant to maintain a fake social life. They always intend to showcase examples where you can use their app to stay connected to the world through the way of posts or the stories.


But we have made it in the wrong way and we want everyone to follow it, whosoever talks or write against it - they are probably in depression according to the social fake Ids. Even though, if someone is posting about their problems or some issue, the rest of the world starts judging them as an attention-seeker. At times, many of us, don’t dare to talk to someone directly in that case what we do? We post a story on Instagram or on WhatsApp to show our anger & grievances. Yaar, yeh sahi hai. Tum Karo toh sahi. Baki sab kare, toh drama.


We are grown-up like this. If a child dances when he is happy, it is totally okay. But if he is sad about something, we don’t allow him to cry for that. (That’s a different thing, that you don’t like the sound that he makes whiling crying). I don’t mean that you should keep on crying for things. But there is a simple concept. If you can be happy upon something and if that is okay? Then if you cry upon something and end up the topic after that, so even that is okay. If you cry up for some time and take out your anger and disappointment for once and let the topic end there itself and further you decide to move on with everything. That’s totally okay.


Yaar Ek baath batao. Agar koi baath dimag mei hai, aur vo tum discuss nahi kar sakthe ho apno se, yeh kaunsa hisab hua?


I mean, you are only allowed to discuss your happy moments. OK. This is what the world expects from YOU.


You be ‘YOU’, but not in the way, world/society/Kuch ajeeb prani wants you to be.

Gazab ho yaar tum. Matlab ‘tum’ bhi tum aur mein bhi ‘Tumhare Tarah’.


Samaj nahi aa raha hai? Log aise kuch sochthe hai ya chathe hai?

So, you are only allowed to discuss happy things, besides that everything is Roona!!  


Ha, Bhai aaj mera increment hua hai!

Ha, Bhai aaj mere girlfriend ne date pe bulaya hai!!

Ha, Bhen kal I had an awesome day in office and gharwale bhi ekdum mast hai!


Buddy, Life isn’t all about happiness. 

Life is a journey where you will have more of a struggle to chase a happy life.


There is a beautiful old melody from the movie named – DOSTI (1964). I know, many of you haven’t even heard about it. But, it is really really a good movie, worth watching in our so-called valuable time of the year 2020. I don’t remember, when did I watch this movie. Once my mother & I was watching it on some old channel and she explained every next scene when the songs will come and even the stories after the movie got released & other controversies. By the way, every song will touch your heart. Kabhi time nikal ke film dekhana zaroor !!


Here are a few lines of the song:-


“Raahi manva dukh ki chinta kyon sataati hai,

Dukh to apna saathi hai.

Sukh hai ek chhaanv dhalti aati hai jaati hai,

Dukh to apna saathi hai.

Door hai manzil door sahi,

Pyar hamaara kya kam hai.

Pag mein kaante laakh sahi,

Par ye sahaara kya kam hai."


Guys, everything doesn’t stay for long, be it sadness or happiness. Because happiness does not possess a definition, it keeps on changes. And you may get sad upon the same things like office politics, a fight with your loved ones and friend, it can be anything.


It is totally okay to not be okay.

Taboo is what you believe. If you stopping believing it, it is no more a taboo. There is a myth that ‘Men don’t cry’. Kisne Bhi Kaha aur tum ne maan liya. Waah Bhai, hum bolte hai aaj se -


Men don’t drink. Men don’t smoke. Men don’t check out ladies.

(Kyu sirf ‘don’t’ thoda ‘do’ bhi try kar leta hai)


Men do believe in a thing called ‘love’, ‘luck’ aur kya kuch nahi.


Bolo ab, maan loge?? Kya yaaar, kuch bhe.


Kisne nahi kaha ki “You can’t be sad”. 


Let the bloody world judge you. Let even your family and friends judge you. If you feel bad about something and are hurt about it, it’s okay. In the end, you have to make your mind and move on upon things.


Don’t let - 'what others feel' harm your mind and soul.


Ek baath toh hai sabko fake social life maintain karna hai. Social life tak theek tha but aaj kal kya hogaya hai, I will tell you, aisa ho gaya hai ke nobody has the patience to listen. If you start talking about some issues with your friend or anybody you know, they end up considering you as a ‘Negative Person’.



Let’s talk it via an example, if someone shares their difficulties to you then they are saddest. What if they share things about ghosts, are they possessed by one? Or what if someone shares about fears then they are the weakest person of the world. Is the way to judge? Right? To this, I just say – Sun yaar, Ignore mar!! 


Some people feel one who shares their sorrows are living a bad lifestyle (suno haa, it’s about lifestyle). People who come together to enjoy and spend money in partying are much more happy souls. Aise log apne zindagi ka roona nahi rothe hai, khushi khushi athe hai ‘so called family & friends’ ke saath kuch din saath rehthe hai, party karthe. Wapas apne life mei chale jaathe hai. Jab se muje yeh malum pada hai. I give second thought whiling sharing my state of mind. Jab roona bol he diya hai toh kyu royo mein? Akele khud se baath kar ke analysis kar leti hu. That’s it. Done.  

Your determination to find happiness and 

peace in any given situation matters.


Learn things that are good for you. Maybe doing like in the above case, gives someone a break from everything, but not for everyone.


It is ‘OKAY’ to NOT TO BE OKAY. Remember, when you try for a long jump, firstly we have to take a few steps back. Similarly, a ‘not to be okay’ situation, helps you to analyze the situation and helps you to talk to yourself and decide what you want and how you want.

Kuch plans akele banane chaiye, kyuki har koi apna acha nahi sochtha. Chahe jitne bhi sena saath mei ho, Ram ko khud Raavan ko marna pada kyuki unki kahani toh unka dharm. Indeed, the sena helped him to reach Lanka. Everyone is important. Be it your parents, siblings, friends, kids, pets & even the plants.


Alone you can build a house, but a home is made of the people you like to share that house and life too.


Have patience, listen carefully. Everything is okay if you find out a way out of it for more improvement and learning.



There are many who are feeling bad about the demise of the Sushant Singh Rajput and other suicide cases of other individuals throughout this week. That’s good to see the connection for unknown people. But many of them in their daily life still keep on forcing another one to behave in the manner they want. Sirf bolne ke liye thought dete hai but real life mai koi change hota nahi hai. 1000 logo ke analysis report alag baath hai, par daily logo ke baatho se bahut kuch sekha ja sakta hai.


Remember – The one who laughs more is often ‘not okay’ inside. Be kind and try not to judge.


Judge less and Love more and spread love and positivity all around us. While always trying to help whoever asks for it. Maybe your help will mean a lot to that person. 

Hope you liked it. Let me know your views in the comment section. And share it with everyone. (akele gyaani mat bano).

Spread Love and keep that smile growing.

Written by:- Neha Resham

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